Press Release

Tampa, Florida’s National Nursing Institute Announces Grand Opening
of Affordable Accelerated CNA Exam Prep Classes

The extended Tampa, FL now has a valuable new resource for aspiring CNA’s getting ready to take the Florida state board’s certification exam, the National Nursing Institute. The National Nursing Institute offer attractively priced, accelerated CNA Prep Classes that can open up the doors to a great new career.

November 14, 2015

There’s no doubt that the nursing field offer real opportunities for a better life for many people, if they can get their foot in the door and get to work. The position of CNA is one that’s often pointed to as an ideal start. The path to becoming a CNA, in Florida has recently become much more simple and easy with the recent grand opening of Tampa’s National Nursing Institute. The National Nursing Institute are happy to offer very affordable, accelerated CNA exam Prep Classes that leave a student well prepared for the state board’s certification exam.

The National Nursing Institute is located at Unit 206, 8900 N.  Armenia  Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604.